What we did:
  • Illustration Design
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Campaign graphic illustration

and rollout across digital marketing platforms

Founded in 1961, African Enterprise is an interdenominational Christian ministry committed to evangelising the cities of Africa, through word and deed, in partnership with African churches.

We were brought into the organisation as a communications and marketing partner for a period of 10 months to maintain and improve communications with AE partners as well as engaging a new cohort of younger Christians on Facebook.

Each month, we were tasked with generating a visual graphic that tied in with the monthly theme and flagship article written by the African Enterprise Founder or Team Leader.

Below is one of the theme graphics we created and rolled out across all Communications:

Above is an illustration that encapsulates the theme “God be in my head and in my understanding”.

The illustration shows an African lady experiencing different kinds of thoughts and questions that are happening in one’s mind in trying to seek God’s intervention for understanding. The theme graphics we created and rolled out across all Communications.

Below: The illustration rolled out in the monthly MailChimp newsletter:

Application of theme graphic as a Facebook Post with the whole article in the image description:

The above post received the following stats:

Reach: 829
Likes: 14
Shares: 4
Comments: 2
Post Clicks 40

Below is the monthly A4 printed Newsletter mailed to all AE partners and supporters across South Africa:

For the newsletter, we were provided with a variety of articles, stories and images, and tasked with collating the content and arranging it into a reader-friendly layout using the theme graphic illustration to pull it all together.