What we did:
  • Brand Consultation
  • Logo Design
  • HTML Email Signature
  • Domain Registration
  • Email Hosting & Setup
  • Document Design
  • Infographic Booklet
  • Branding

Logo design and brand development

This year, the people of Durban came together for a uniquely collaborative event to shape a strategy for a better city. After our well received work in crafting the event branding, we were awarded the opportunity to take it another step forward.

Our own ability to collaborate was pushed to the limit on this project with all 6 members of our team working day and night to execute the following artworks:

  • 18 full page infographics
  • 5 minute animated video
  • 94 page report.
Primary Colors
Deep Purple

C100   M97   Y2   K3

R43   G51   B140


Sky Blue

C75   M15   Y0   K0

R0   G166   B224



C50   M0   Y100   K0

R139   G197   B63



C0   M95   Y20   K0

R236   G41   B123



C0   M25   Y100   K0

R255   G193   B14



C30   M20   Y20   K100

R0   G0   B0


Secondary Colors

C21   M22   Y56   K21

R168   G154   B108



C0   M0   Y0   K34

R178   G180   B183


EThekwini Blue

C100   M79   Y0   K0

R0   G79   B163


Pantone: Blue 072 CVU