What we did:
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Web Design Hosting

Facebook advertising and Web design

Home Cloud is a South African Internet Service Provider that offers high-speed wireless LTE home internet and happy customer experiences.

The following is a Facebook Ad Campaign my team and I worked called “Need More Data”. One of the biggest problems South African face in regards to internet availability is high data costs and always running out of data due to lack of affordability.

Hence, we came up with the short, eye-catching phrase; “NEED MORE DATA?”

I wanted to come up with a visual concept that was fun, non-racial and relatable. Hence, I used the concept of a smiling emoji-faced human with heart-shaped eyes using the internet.

The “Need More Data?” Facebook Advert generating the following results:

1008 Leads at a cost of R40 per lead.

The campaign was very successful the concept was later rolled out for other campaigns.

Pictured below is the website landing page we implemented using Home Cloud’s existing WordPress Website:

Below is the entire website landing page: