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Scroll-stopping websites designed to win.

Creativity, strategy, speed and smiles help businesses grow healthily and happily.

Scroll-stopping websites designed to win.

Through a balanced approach of creativity and strategic insight (really understanding who you are and what you want to achieve), we craft scroll-stopping websites that convert.

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Types of websites we craft.


Our Websites and happy clients:

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“Thanks for helping us growing so fast”

The weaverbird team are really welcoming and friendly. They have really helpedus to grow and doubled in number in a very short period of time.Steven El Fantastico - Motema Afrobeat

"Thank You Weavers"

From start to finish I found Weaverbird professional, attentive and accessible.They produced quality work for us!Diane Fick

"Helped us through the whole process"

I was impressed with Daniel and Weaverbird from our very first meeting. He asked such unusual but relevant questions that I knew from that point on that he would be the right person to take our website to the next level. His staff were always so obliging and helped us through the whole process as well. Thank you for your professionalism it was most impressive.Wade Howard - Owner - Ocean Driven Media


"Insightful" "creative" "professionalism" "high standard" "attention to detail" "friendly" "heart and soul"

Over 30 5-star reviews.

We’re a 5 rated agency based on 30+ reviews on Google & Facebook.

We’ve worked with brands across the globe.

Our process

For the win.

4 foundational questions we explore to create websites that work.

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Our Process for the win.

4 foundational questions we explore to create websites that work.

Website FAQs

WordPress Website Design

WordPress powers nearly 27% of all websites in the world, including Sony Music, Beyonce, Disney, and Mercedez-Benz.

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WordPress is free, easy to use, and easy to scale up, with thousands of free and premium plugins that can turn your website into an online store, real estate engine, lead generation machine and so much more.

WordPress is a great option for many small and medium-sized businesses because it has a massive ecosystem of free and premium, pre-developed themes that can be installed quickly with a few simple clicks.

The immense popularity of WordPress has also created a vast library of free tutorials and solutions.

Not convinced yet? WordPress websites are Search Engine friendly, allowing Google and others search engines to find your site more easily.


We recommend all our clients host their website with SiteGround; the world leading specialist in WordPress Website Hosting.

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Their live support is absolutely world class, their prices are competitive, but the best part is that websites hosted with SiteGround load faster and are more secure, even offering a free SSL certificate with their hosting packages.

We don’t mark up or take commissions on Web Hosting. We simply offer setup and training services when required.

Domains and profiles with SiteGround are always created and registered in our client’s name, meaning they can change service provider at any time without any hassles.


A website is only of value to your business if you can get customers to visit it. Our core service at Weaverbird Marketing is doing just that; driving website traffic.

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We do this through the most cost-effective channels, relative to your unique business, such as Facebook Advertising, Google PPC and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Website Speed

Having a fast Website is a crucial part of Website User Experience.

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Within the limitations of WordPress Website speeds, we optimise our sites as much as possible making use of Caching and Cloudflare CDN.

Website Security

Website attacks are a very real and surprisingly common thing in this day and age.

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Although we cannot guarantee your website will not get hacked, we can guarantee various levels of security that can make the website far more secure.

We can also plan for the worst with regular site backups.

Website Updates

Maintaining and updating a website shouldn’t be so difficult and expensive.

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With WordPress, our clients have the option to maintain their own website with only a little bit of training and practices.

Alternatively, we offer flexible and reasonable pricing for maintenance or ad hoc updates.

It’s important to note that keeping a website up to date is crucial to maintaining website security.

Website Prices

Every website project is unique and has very different requirements for success. It all depends on what you need your website to do for you.

But to give you an idea, our websites from R15,000 (£ 1000) to over R100,000 (£ 7,000).

Rest assured, our websites are world-class and built for purpose to ensure you get a healthy and happy return on your investment.

Over and above that, we’re known for being genuinely nice people to work with – with a very patient, and nurturing approach that guides you through what can sometimes feel like a scary process.

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