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There are over 5 million orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa, with 12,000 added to this every month.

In February this year, we partnered with LIV Village Durban; providing ongoing digital marketing services.

LIV Village Durban

About LIV Village

Rescue a child, Restore a life,
Raise a leader and Release a star.

LIV Durban is a long term cluster foster care village that places these children into a love-filled community with a trained foster mother to care for them, a school to educate them, and where they are given every opportunity to flourish.

We’ve been helping LIV improve their website:

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Sport is one of the ways LIV helps facilitate physical, emotional and social development.

So we’re raising funds for LIV United U7 boys soccer team.

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What the team needs:

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