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Above all, we care about helping people and businesses grow.

Our Vision is to become known as a digital marketing agency that truly cares.

Our family

We love what we do and let that love shine through our work.

Daniel Skaftouros Creative Director Weaverbird 2022


Founder / Creative Director

Born and raised in the land down under, this half-Greek, half-Italian 100% Aussie, has mastered the art of capturing a company's vision into a beautiful visual brand and rolling that out through unique corporate identities, conversion-focused websites and digital marketing campaigns.


Web Developer

Sachin is a genuine IT wiz. He thinks, speaks and devs at the speed of light and is the Luis Hamilton of digital devices. Extremely ambitious to find cutting edge solutions, Sachin is always eager to help people find the best way to solve a problem or just find a better way to do something! He's a big Man U supporter but we try not to hold that against him.


Graphic / Web Designer

A Mid-Weight designer with a clear goal to be the best there’s ever been.

Kav (as we call him) is an “I will stay in my corner” type of guy; he is literally in the corner by the way. Very shy and mostly quiet but pays attention to every detail – he joined our team and instantly became a perfect balance of what a team of “Weavers” should be.

His unique qualities of carefully bringing brands to life ensure crafting of projects are really a breeze with Kav on board!

Gwen Graphic Designer Weaverbird 2022

Gwendolyn Isaacs

Junior Graphic Designer

We’re obsessed with Digital Marketing and use this passion to achieve

Our Mission:

  • Provide over-the-top customer service with quick turn-around times, constant communication, and quality experience throughout projects.
  • Achieve short & long-term ROI for customers.
  • Foster staff family responsibilities and education.
  • Enable a quality work/life balance.


Collective Industry Experience


Websites Launched


Facebook Campaigns Completed
Our Values & Commitment:
  1. To be entirely truthful in all you say.
  2. To be faithful to your family relationships.
  3. To do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but to look out for the interests of others.
  4. To refuse to elicit, accept or pay any bribes and to encourage others to do the same.
  5. To be diligent without being harsh, and striving to be just and fair.
  6. To be a peacemaker.
  7. To do your work wholeheartedly.
  8. To submit yourself to just and ethical governing authorities.
  9. To remember the poor by investing generously and sacrificially in the broader community.
  10. To collaborate with your peers to impact our community and nation.