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Website Process

Research & Project Management.


1. Quote & Timelines.

To begin, we’ll send you a quote & propose timelines.

2. Legal Agreement

Once we’ve agreed on costs and timelines, you’ll need to read and accept the following digital Legal Agreement.

3. Invoice & Deposit Payment

We’ll send you the invoice, with request for 50% deposit, or the first payment on a milestone based payment plan.

4. Gather Content and Info

Once payment is received, we’ll send you a shopping list of all the information we need.

The information and content we need is:

  1. Complete website design brief.
  2. All available branding material in PDF or original format (or JPEG if not available)
  3. Text for Website (Home, Services, About, Approach, etc) ie.
  4. Any images that can be used on the website.
  5. Testimonials
  6. Supplier & Product Logos.
  7. Client Logos
  8. Affiliations or Associations with other companies or NGOs (optional)
  9. A profile of your target audience
  10. Users from which countries do you allow to view your website?
  11. Web Hosting Details

5. Meeting to discuss & clarify content and goals.

After all the content and web brief have been supplied, it’s important to meet and clarify the info supplied as well as the goals of the site.

Design & User Experience.


1. Research.

We start with a healthy measure of research and strategic thinking.

We begin to explore the brief and research the brand, competitors, and industry leaders.

2. Home Design

In this phase, we start crafting a design of the home page.

This will include a consideration of the user journey and the different goals of the site.

Once we’re happy with our designs, we’ll email you the first draft and present our design reasoning over a virtual call.

After the initial presentation, there’s usually some back and forth as we work together to fine-tune towards 100% happiness.

3. Staging Site Setup

While the home page design is happening, our developers will setup up a staging site that we can start building on. If you need/want, we can put the live site into “website under construction” mode.

4. Sub Page Designs

Once the home page design is 100% approved, we’ll develop it almost exactly as per the design.

We only develop the Home page after it is 100% approved. This means you can’t make any changes post-development. If you need to make changes to the home page afterward, there will be additional costs.

Subpage designs:
For certain very important pages, we’ll design before going into development. For other sub-pages, we’ll go straight into development, based on the approved home page.

5. Design Changes

We only develop the Home page after it is 100% approved. This means you can’t make any changes post-development. If you need to make changes to the home page afterward, there will be additional costs.

Subpage design changes:
For the balance of the website, we only allow 2 rounds of changes which must all be collated and submitted in one document.



1. Setup

  1. To start with, our developers read all the provided content for research and understanding of functionality requirements.
  2. Then, we’ll proceed with the setup or access to web hosting, ensuring the server has sufficient resources/capacity.
  3. Next, we install WordPress on a staging server or folder hidden from the public.
  4. If you like, we’ll create a coming soon page.
  5. After that, we start implementing the functionality features, such as contact forms, thank you page, privacy page, google analytics, security optimisations, and more.

2. Home Page Development

After the home page design is approved, we’ll start building it along with the user interface.

We also develop for best mobile experience at the same time.

Once complete, as per the design, we start developing the sub pages.

3. Submission

After we’ve developed all the sub-pages, we’ll send you a link to the hidden site for the first full review.

Remember though, no additional changes can be made to the home page at this stage (unless you pick up a difference from the approved home page).

We’ll set up a meeting to get some initial thoughts.

After the meeting, we’ll need you to compile a comprehensive document with detailed comments and required edits.

4. Changes

We’ll implement the first round of changes and submit to you for review of draft 2.

This is now your last chance to make edits.

5. Final Review

We’ll send you a final review of the site before going live.

If there are any new changes, there will be an additional cost.

At this stage, we should be able to publish the new site to the live domain.

6. Speed, Security, SEO

Once we’ve published the site to the live domain, we’ll need to implement several optimizations to the site to optimise security, speed and SEO.

Once we’re done you can start telling people about your new site.

7. Launch

Before telling the whole world to visit your shiny new site, we recommend that you send the website link to a few friends for some honest feedback, and to double-check for any glaring mistakes.

If there are any technical issues, we can sort those out.

Once you’re happy, it’s time to let the website fly.