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A logo is not just an icon with a name. Fonts brings personality, colour provides emotion, and shapes can build something unique.

A logo is what sets your brand apart, makes people notice, makes people remember, and even feel a certain way.

It’s the first impression of your organisation. The first “Hello, my name is”. The first handshake.

And first impressions last, for better or for worse.

That’s why we take such care and pride in designing logos, like naming someone else’s baby or giving the best man speech at a wedding.

Creating the right brand identity for the right service is a challenge we look forward to.

So without any further ado, here are our top 10 best logo designs in 2018 & 2019.


Hoot CRM Logo Design
Hoot is a CRM for South African large and growing businesses.

It’s a cloud-based business backbone software that enables companies to track & manage leads, sales, customers and staff performance, all in one place.


Our idea for the logo.

The idea behind the name comes from the software’s ability to easily show micro and macro data of different areas of a business, giving owners and managers “eyes on everything”.


All in the eyes…

An owl is well known for having big glaring, alert-looking eyes, and so, the name was born “Hoot”.

In our brand research phase, we noticed a LOT of other active businesses already exist with the name “Hoot”, in particular, the very well known social media management software “Hoot Suite”.

This presented a challenge from a design and branding perspective.


What did we do?

We focused on the eyes! We centered the logo design around the eyes of an owl that has an “inquisitive” expression. By bringing the two “o’s” in front of the H & T, it brings the eyes into focus and almost draws the viewer into a story, as if there is some interesting information being looked at. We also added a bright orange colour that will be used heavily in Hoot branding to make it distinct.


Vibetail Marketing
Conceptually, this was a simple, and visually exciting logo brief…

This company is a Google Pay Per Click Specialist in Surrey, London whose expertise is in helping businesses fish for customers on Google.

Hence the name; Vibetail, derived from a colourful and exotic type of fishing lure/hook. Here’s our journey to crafting the final design.

Vibetail Logo Timeline


Shape Durban
An opportunity to impact our city…

The city of Durban, eThekwini Municipality, has just launched a game-changing initiative that seeks to change the way it develops and implements strategies for improving and maintaining the city and helping its people; Shape Durban.

Shape Durban is a 5-year programme that brings citizens, businesses, stakeholders, influencers and municipal members together to “co-create” new strategies for development, essentially facilitating a collaborative approach which is a “Partnership for Growth.”

We were given the honour of developing the branding for this city-changing conference and broader programme:


UHQ Home


Custom Creations Tiling Logo








The Durban Edge eThekwini

Weaverbird definitely goes the extra mile when creating a brand. The brands they create (two I've been involved in) also always stand out. Everyone who was involved in the project was very impressed, so I'd recommend them to anyone who would like to grow their business.

Tshegang ChipeyaEconomic Policy & Strategy Specialist, EThekwini Municipality

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