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There’s been a lot happening behind the scenes with WordPress and Websites largely.

More significantly, there is a new PHP 7.2 Update coming soon which will affect many websites currently running on old versions.

PHP 7.2 Update

Hetzner has just announced that it will be upgrading the version of PHP to 7.2 on all of the websites hosted on its servers, meaning your current WordPress website might become incompatible after the upgrade.

This may cause your WordPress website to break or simply not function correctly, and also poses a security vulnerability.

Your website may not be affected after the upgrade, but we recommend that you take action now, to ensure your site is compatible with PHP 7.2.


Benefits of updating:

  • Improved website speed.
  • More secure.
  • Improvement in search rankings due to the above 2 points.
  • Better user experience on the website.


What else needs updating?

  • During the update process, we recommend making the following updates/upgrades to ensure compatibility with PHP 7.2 as well as additional speed, security and performance benefits.
  • Make a backup of the website.
  • Update version of WordPress to latest version.
  • Update all Plugins.
  • Update to the latest version of the theme being used.
  • Install Hetzners free SSL which make the website “Secure”, ie, https instead of http. Read more about the importance of SSL’s here.


What will it cost?

  • Upgrade PHP & WordPress only: R1495 ex VAT
  • Upgrade PHP, WordPress, Plugins and Theme: R2495 ex VAT
  • Upgrade PHP, WordPress, Plugins, Theme + Install SSL: R3495 ex VAT
  • Upgrade PHP, WordPress, Plugins, Theme, Install SSL + additional Security & Site Speed improvements: R4995 ex VAT


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PHP 7.2 Update


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