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The firm handshake has happened.

We’re all feeling positive about the journey ahead, and we’re all excited to get stuck in.

So, what’s the next step?


Firstly, let’s get that paperwork out the way chop chop.

  1. Read & accept our online Legal Agreement here.
  2. Once accepted, we’ll email you the invoice.
  3. You pay the deposit (usually 50%) and send us proof of payment.


First Steps:

  1. Discovery:
    Before we have our first meeting, we’ll start by sending you a few questions to help you think about WHY you need branding or marketing and clearly define your vision and goals. 

  2. Shopping list:
    Then we’ll send you a list of all the things we need to ensure minimal delay during the project.  
  3. Timeframes:
    A project timeframe will be sent to you for review.

Design Phase:

  1. We start with a healthy measure of research and strategic thinking. 
  2. We’ll share a brief summary of our thoughts to make sure we’re on the right track. If the project includes a comprehensive strategy, this process will be more in-depth.
  3. Then we proceed with creative exploration.
  4. Once we’re happy with our designs, we’ll present and discuss.
  5. After the initial presentation, there’s usually some back and forth as we work together to fine-tune towards 100% happiness. 

Roll-out Phase:

  1. Once the creative is approved, we’ll roll it out to the relevant medium.
  2. Depending on the scope of the project and specific timelines, we may send all artwork for review at once or send in smaller bite-sized segments.
  3. Then we waltz for a little while, moving back and forth until we find the perfect harmony of form, function, and detail.

Payment, Release & Review:

  1. Once artwork is approved we require the balance of the payment for the project.
  2. After receiving payment we release the files or publish the artwork as per the project requirements 


Project Complete. Time for lift off 🚀. 


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