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The firm hand shake has happened.

We’re all feeling positive about the journey ahead, and we’re all excited to get stuck in.

So, what’s the next step?

Firstly, let’s get that paperwork out the way chop chop.

  1. Read & accept our online Legal Agreement here.
  2. Once accepted, we’ll email you the invoice.
  3. You pay the deposit (usually 50%) and send us proof of payment.


First Steps:

  1. Discovery:
    Before we have our first meeting, we’ll start by sending you a few questions to help you think about WHY you even need a website and clearly define your vision and goals for the site. 

  2. Shopping list:
    Then we’ll send you a list of all the things we need from you, to ensure minimal delay during the project. This will include hosting info, branding collateral, marketing material, and even roughly drafted text for the pages. 
  3. Timeframes:
    A project timeframe will be sent to you for review.

Design Phase:

  1. We design a home page which sets the look & feel for the site.
  2. We edit and adjust the design and text of the home page until you are 100% happy with it.

Development Phase:

  1. We then develop the home page and balance of subpages. For some important pages, we may send you a mockup design for review before going into development.
  2. After all the pages are developed, you will have 3 rounds to make changes/provide remaining content. No additional changes are permitted to the home page as this should have been 100% approved before the development phase.

Site Optimisation Phase (Speed, Search, Security):

After the site is completely approved, we perform several website performance optimisations that improve website speed, security and SEO.

Here is a full list of the optimisations we perform:

Project Complete. Time for a beer or a coffee.


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