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We started our morning very differently on a sunny day of the 14th of June, which led us to a heartwarming change of environment for a few hours.

Since February 2019, Weaverbird is a proud sponsor of LIV Village and that morning we honored an invite to attend the annual donor’s tea. It was our very first time being there as a team. A morning wrapped in thanksgiving and words of encouragement to everybody that plays a role in making a difference.

We sat under perfect blue skies as sun rays pierced through our eyes but most importantly love pierced our hearts as we listened to songs of praise, poems and experiences shared by a few LIV children.

LIV Village is about the restoration of orphaned and vulnerable children, by providing a safe and loving environment for the children that walk through their gates.

There are millions of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa, mostly due to HIV/AIDS. LIV focuses on a solution to aid this crisis. These precious children are then placed into a family environment with a trained foster mother to love them, a school to educate them, and where all their needs are met.

Everybody had a good time as we were serenaded by two of the first LIV graduates; Justine & Muzi, a dynamic musical duo. Who can we forget the home made yummy goodies that were prepared for us just to show appreciation to every proud donor of the Village.

As an agency and team we’ve dedicated our time & skills by revamping the LIV website, and fundraising for the under 7 LIV United Soccer team. It was encouraging to see the impact we have had on the children and the organization a whole.

If you would like to learn more, donate or get involved you can do so by visiting their website here 


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